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Beaumont P.D. surround man in Banana Suit carrying Illegal sign
Beaumont man in Banana Suit carrys gun.jpg

      Saturday February 8, 2014 aproximately 9:45 am, in Beaumont Texas, Local Law enforcementreceived a report of a man wearing a Banana suit armed with an illegal sign and an AK 47.

     Beaumont P.D. arrived with multiple squad cars, and drew weapons on this sign wielding criminal.

The man dressed in a banana outfit was wearing a fully accessorized and legal AK 47 slung on his back in a non threatening manner. He was aproximately half a block from His employers store. Golden Triangle Tactical employed a method, used by many local businesses, to draw attention of passersby to his grand opening and aid patrons of his establishment in finding his new location. 
 Although it is common for businesses within Beaumont to dress their employees in costumes and have them holding signs pertaining to their business, Beaumont P.D.suspected the sign was illegal.  As a precaution, the police officers took the fire arm and handcuffed the  Golden Triangle Tactical mascot, "tactical Banana" ,while they assesed the legality of the sign. Just as they feared, the sign held by the Tactical Banana was inf act  illegal.
   Beaumont has a city ordinance requiring individuals or businesses to get permits before they can carry a sign soliciting business, fortunately for citizens everywhere  the Tactical Banana, was cited for violating this city ordinance.
    Knowing the fire arm was fully legal and that no law was broken, Responding officers had the daunting task of determining how to return the fire arm to Golden Triangle Tactical which was half a block away. A young reporter from Freedom 1300, Jamie Chizer suggested they place the fire arm insided a case and carry it to the store. This solution worked. This incident occurred only one week before the scheduled
CATI Beaumont - Freedom1300 Second Open Carry Walk.

    During the intense sign issue, Derek Poe, owner of Golden Triangle Tactical had questions for law enforcement regarding the legality of not only the sign, but open carry.

 Freedom 1300 will have an update to the story and video coverage of this interaction.

photo provided by AAron Jacob

Correction : In the title the author implied the sign was illegal. The sign in fact was completely legal but it was being unlawfully wielded.

Poe Arraigned: Jefferson Co. D.A.'s Office to Pursue Charge


BEAUMONT- Derek Poe, the former Parkdale Mall store owner arrested for "open carrying" an AR-15 inside the mall, was arraigned this morning in Judge G.R. "Lupe" Flores' County Court at Law #2. An "announcement" court date was scheduled for March 26.

      Poe and Houston defense attorney, Edwin Walker, were present and Walker spoke with the Assistant D.A. in charge of the case and stated she appears to be moving forward with prosecution of the charge with no signs yet of dropping the Class B Misdemeanor.