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Just Let Them Try That in Texas

Texans are proud of there state, they have a reputation worldwide as independent thinkers Gun lovers, and rugged, opinionated individuals. As Texans see Californians being forced to surrender firearms and gun owners in Connecticut registering their High capacity rounds, we hear Proud Texans say,"Just let them try that in Texas". Whenever there is an injustice perpetrated by Federal State or local law enforcement we see these proud Texans smugly sit back and say," just let them try that in Texas"....Well guess what Texans, they are. So just what are Texans doing about it? Cowering like pansies, in stead of standing up like the rugged breed they are rumored to be.


Proud Gun owning Texans crawl into the voting booths and cast a ballot for those whose name they recognize, for whoever is most popular , "most electable", or has the best sound bite. Because Texans treat their liberties like a fantasy football team they are voting back into office local state and federal officials who are responsible for crushing the very rights Texans Claim to espouse. So what is happening in Texas?


We are watch as law enforcement agencies (federal, state and local) perform unlawful gun confiscations, fondle and rape fellow Texans, kill family pets and even family members. We allow law enforcement to break and enter unlawfully into our neighbors home and we do what?     Read More...


The War on Individual Liberties


I am tired of special interest groups destroying society. If you are Gay, Islamic, Black or Christian, be warned, I am about to ramp up my Campaign against special interest rhetoric

.If you are offended you may want to take some time for introspection prior to critiquing me.


As this campaign accelerates, I will be mocking special interest groups whose focus destroys the very "equal rights" they claim to espouse. As always, I stand for individual liberties, a stand which is all inclusive, and I reject special interests which elevates certain persons or groups.


As we use satire to show the hypocrisy of these special interest movements we will be pushing the boundaries with our own special interest groups.


You will see the hypocrisy of black special interests as you gaze at their issues through the eyes of a P.R.I.C.K..


We will show The effects of Christian conservative special interests by exposing our A.S.S.,


We will stand strong and fight back against the Aggressive Queer agenda with A.Q.


The first response to oppositions by special interests is to denigrate the opposition so....


Remember if you choose to use these terms, I know the true definitions... Read More

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