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UNCHAINED radio talk show host Rob Priest brings his talents,and unique style of off the wall, up beat humor to the microphone every Sunday afternoon from 4 to 6 pm CST. From current events locally, and around the world, to interviews with people that are making a difference right in their own back yard. Rob brings out the best in people for two solid hours. Not mention the ever popular and spontaneous "UN" as Rob calls it that just happens without notice. You can be assured that your funny bone will get a work out. Rob describes himself as...."The kind of guy that everybody has in their life that wants to bring out the best in others. The guy who could care less about being accurate with facts, or "The Authority" on any one topic. The guy that reminds us all that even at the worst in all our life's, there is always someone else that has it worse". So do everyone a favor and.......LISTEN TO YOUR PRIEST.

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