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Recommended Voting On Texas Constitution Amendments Short Version

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Proposition 1: FOR This Amendment is a strengthening of property rights for land owners. This is designed to prevent over regulation from interfering with a landowners right to grow food or engage in agriculture.

Proposition 2: AGAINST This is government giving preferred treatment to certain businesses and would require local taxpayers to fund these businesses. Currently the Texas Constitution requires equal taxation this amendment would eliminate that and is the equivalent taxpayer subsidies for businesses or corporations. Ad valorem taxes should end but not selectively.

Proposition 3: FOR The constitution of Texas does not prohibit the legislature from creating a “wealth tax”. This amendment would protect the citizens of Texas from that form of taxation.

Proposition 4: FOR This is temporary measure which could either be an interim relief while moving towards the elimination of the ad valorem tax or it could be something to appease and silence the overtaxed voters. The recommendation are a yes vote while continuing to pressure for the elimination of the property tax.

Proposition 5: AGAINST Universities already get too much from taxpayers. The Texas constitution does not require the state to fund ”higher education”. If there are funds available to support universities it would be better to refund it to the tax payer than force the citizens to fund more indoctrination.

Proposition 6: AGAINST Another group has made the assessment that this works against the free market and expands government control. We tend to agree.

Proposition 7: AGAINST This fund provides low interest rate loans, grants, or gifts to create more reliable or back up energy sources. Most agree that the energy infrastructure could use some improvements. We would prefer to see more deregulation to allow competition throughout the state as an incentive rather than grants or loans that would likely go to those companies some of which have already proven less than reliable. Hard call as government does have a valid position in infrastructure development.

Proposition 8: AGAINST Technology in this field like satellite and cell towers is quickly making this a non issue. This unnecessary burden on tax payers would be a big win for lobbyists and corporations.

Proposition 9: AGAINST This tug at emotions could negatively impact other retired people such as those on social security or other limited incomes. We have a responsibility to uphold the contracts between the state and the teachers, but nothing more. Since these funds will come from property tax it is an added burden to those on fixed incomes such as social security. Again the reduction or elimination of property tax would benefit everyone including retired teachers.

Proposition 10: AGAINST This is corporate welfare. The Ad valorem taxes should be abolished until then taxation is supposed to be uniform.

Proposition 11: AGAINST El Paso can already issue bonds for parks and recreational facilities there is no reason for a state constitutional amendment.

Proposition 12: NEUTRAL This is a Galveston county issue this will only go into affect based on a majority of Galveston county votes.

Proposition 13: FOR Increases the age from 75 to 79. This is not term limits it is about forcing someone to retire due to their age. Unless one is mentally incapable of performing their duties they should not be forced into retirement.

Proposition 14: AGAINST We don’t need another government land grab at the expense of Texans. We have sufficient State parks. We need land Texans can use for farming, ranches, and homes.


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